Design Philosophy

Twentieth century Designer Buckminster Fuller created the phrase, “doing more with less” in reference to the appropriate use of technology. In the twenty-first century the notion of doing more with less has become particularly important in regard to design, since these values can be applied toward our responsibilities concerning social impact and sustainability as well as complexity, and financial capital costs.

Design excellence requires group collaboration, and the mutual respect, trust, dedication, and commitment of a stakeholder team supporting and motivating each other to reach the best possible design result.
In summary design excellence requires Design Empathy.



Our aim is to help our clients to take advantage of the unique opportunities represented within every building project.

Our services include:
    • Office and Commercial Design
    • Residential Design
    • Building and Refurbishment Design
    • Hospitality Design
    • Retail Design
    • Exhibition Design
    • Furniture and Product Design
    • Space Planning
    • Project Management.

Director’s Profile

Philip Adams established Design Empathy in 1999 to focus his many years of design and management education, experience and success into a design consultancy dedicated to the consolidation of best practice design and business principles.

Philip has a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from the University of Technology NSW, a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design from the University of Technology NSW, and a Master of Business Administration from UOW. Sydney Business School.